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One of our favorite spots Lake Mimi in Mammoth California 

Team Skunkola and Team ABTP Fishing

Welcome you to the 2011 - 12 Trout Season with Triple L Fishing.

Better known as the Lake Lounge Lizards.....It's On.

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DI's Fishing Blog


Come join Team Triple L at SARL and Corona

2011 - 12 Season Opener is November 18th.

Big D Won the Honors last season...Who will get the ABTP Trophy this season.

Lizard Fish Nibbles Bites Got Away Pounds Fish $
Cowboy 9 2 7 4 20lb 10oz $130.65
Big D 3 3 1   8lb 3oz $53.95
Dennis 4 2 8 2 4lb 13oz $39.85
Nibbles -  Enough play to get you out of your seat    
Bites - You had it on the hook for more than 3 seconds  
Got Away - The fish saw the net and said screw this    


The Filet Master Play       DI on a casting mission      Trying to get the tubes back

The Season Opener is November 18th at SARL

The Lizards on March 30th

DI and Cowboy set out to brave the cold. And while we didn't think it would be that cold, it got real cold. And that made the fish active. We hit Levitz corner and the fish were coming in real shallow. Like if I wanted to get to the tip of my rubbers I could probably grab one. DI was the first to get a real good strike at 7:05 and like a good Tailwalker should, it jumped up and spit out the bait. But the most hilarious one was later in the day when one jumped out of the water three times and after the third jump DI's pole snapped to the left. Looks like the fish was trying to spit this one out with no luck. The line on this pole was slack so we didn't even think it was on his line. All in all this was probably one of the best days at SARL in a while for the Lizards. Cowboy was busy after he changed to a brighter lure and caught two on the lure and almost three. Good day. 11 bites, 4 fish lost and 4 fish caught.

The Lizards on March 10th

Finally the feeling of being the King on the Block. Cowboy ventured out in the weather and for the first 3 hours it was ok. Cold with a light mist to heavy mist at times. By 10:30 the light rain had started and by 11:00 it was coming down pretty good and by 12:00 the water was muddy out to at least 10 to 15 feet. But by then the damage had been done. Fishing at Levitz corner and using a combo of baits and sauces I was pretty much busy from 6:15 to 11:30 to when I started packing up. 3 good nibbles from 6:15 to7:30. Caught the first 2 pounder at 8:00. Then another nibble at 8:20. Then lost one at 8:50 because I had to re-tie a hook loosing it on the reel in. Then the heavy mist started so I sat in the car, well that made me miss the next one at 9:00. Pole went up hard but by the time I got to it the bait and fish was gone. More nibble action at 9:25 and  9:45. Caught 2 pounder number 2 at 10:30 and lost number three at 11:15 because I was in the car again. While I could have limited that day. It was fun and a blast knowing no one else around me was getting any action. :)

The Lizards on February 25th

The Native was getting restless so I decided to head out. No agenda, just arrive and fish. Dead as a door nail. Then the funny thing happened and the stocking truck made a run at 9:30. Wow.....I thought that was way early. Not the usual after 12:00ish. So I get a good bite around 11:00. Little sucker (Sierra Bow) put up a good fight. All 1 pound 3 ounces of it. But it was enough to make the day worth while and I went home and had lunch. The best kind, the Fresh kind :).

The Lizards on January 21st

It was a cold and rainy day and CR decided to brave the elements only to come home wet and dejected. Who was that masked man that showed up in the spot I was first going to take and didn't. What were those orange and white things he was using for bait and want was in the secret container that surely wasn't store bought. I've heard of being in the right place at the right time but this was just plain ridiculous. He arrived shortly after eight and what seem like clockwork for the next 2.5 hours he caught a fish about every 20 minutes. So when I left around 11:00 totally p'oed he had 8 fish. So now my quest for this week is to figure out what he was using.

The Lizards on December 26th

The Day after Christmas and since Christmas was on a Sunday, DAY OFF...woo hoo. Cowboy headed  out just looking for a relaxing morning and taking whatever he was going to get. Going slightly further west on La Palma than usual, he had a great vantage point to watch the guy that was hooking up at the bend. I did have some action before 10:15. Got a nibble on a power mouse, then a bite on Orange Twist, then lost one on Chartreuse, which I blame on the people that decided to squeeze in next to me. So trying to my fish within my confines, the fish snapped the line. More room I could have tired then out like the next two I caught. One at 10:15 and another at 10:45. So it was a good day.

The Lizards on December 18th

DI braved the elements to go out on Sunday. After a long spat of no action he hooked up at 10:45 and decided one was good enough.

The Lizards on December 17th

Big D and Cowboy decide to go and try to survive the Santa Ana winds. The winds weren't too bad, it was just when they did blow it was fricking cold, so you better have your good jacket. The sun tried to break through a couple times before 11:00 then finally gave up as the clouds moved in. Then some slight rain added to the adventure. Another day of wondering after seeing the flyer but Big D was n his spot at the tree. He was the only person on that side of the lake getting some action and he was rewarded with a very nice 4lb Sierra Bow that put up a good fight. One time jumping two feet out of the water  and thinking he lost the fish from the hook spit out. He then over the course of the next 2 hours got two more hits. One nibble and one that was on the line the required 3 seconds to call a bite.

The Lizards on - Nov 11.25.11

Dennis and Cowboy went this day kinda winging it. Dennis was back in his groove with the groovy grub. Chicken wings with a huge variety of sauces to dip in, but that was after the Clam Chowder for breakfast....yum yum. It was a little slow in the morning....ok, it was a lot O slow. The weekend before to our right and left were the serious hot spots. It was Dead Jim. Then in true Dennis fashion when he decided to start cooking the Chicken, his pole gets a hit and up goes his bell on a nightcrawler. But the fish hadn't swallowed it and it was lost. Then there was the great Fishing line Spaghetti Factory. Dennis' pole gets a hit, a good hit (of course we are eating). He runs to the pole and hooks the fish, then I grab the net and look over at my pole for a check and it starts moving. So I drop the net and go for my pole. As we are both reeling in and seeing our lines coming together  we realize we were in the middle of a great Trout practical joke. Dennis lost his and as I reeled in mine we came to a crossroads. There was no way I could reel in mine because of the tangled mess. So I went caveman and started pulling in the line. Got the thing almost on shore when it whipped its head and snapped the line and outraced Dennis' hands to grab it. Then the big hit around 11:00, almost pulling Dennis pole in the water, he got this one. Tailwalker put up a good fight weighing in at 2 lb 13 oz.  2lb test has been iffy in bringing in the fish so far. Even with light drag and tiring out the fish, you can still loose it with one last act of defiance. :)

The Lizards Season Opener at SARL - Nov 11.18.11

The season is here. All the hype has gone into the opener. Bad Ass Reds, Tailwalkers, Sierra Bows and a sprinkling of Cats. The day started of well with some good action but no fish. The bite started to come on around 7:30 and Cowboy got his first good bite but no fish. Then Big D the same thing happened. Then Cowboy got his first. Then shortly after Big D hooked one, nice 2 lb 3 oz Red. All the while Dennis was action less which is odd for him. By the end of it all Cowboy caught two for a total of 4 lb's 1 oz and Darrell with one.

The Lizards Scouting Trip - Nov 11.11.11

Well the irony of this day is this is the exact same date last year we did our SARL Scouting Trip. With the threat of rain, that didn't stop Big D and Cowboy from heading out to the lake. DI couldn't make it because of work. The weather was perfect for fishing and the rain didn't come before we called it at 1:30. Darrell got there first and picked our secondary spot. By the time I arrived he already had 3 nibbles and 3 bites on Lemon Twist mixed with Garlic, he was at his spot. I setup shop and went with 1 pole Lime twist and 1 pole Garlic. Garlic was working for me two weeks before at Corona but not with the Sierra Bows at SARL. Was getting hits on the Lime twist. Didn't change out my rig and was still using the 3 foot leader I had for Corona. In 15 feet of water it was working because on the fish finder the fish were staying about the 9 - 11 foot level. Lost bait several times. Big D was up on me 9 - 5 on bites before I landed my nice 4.5 pound bow. I wasn't going to make the mistake I did at Corona with a 2 lb leader (Big D went full 2lb) and I didn't fight him much. Just tired the fish out and kept redirecting it to me. By the end, there was no fight at all and I got my fish. I had my filet knives with me so I headed over to the cleaning station (why mess up and stink up the house). All in all it was a good scouting trip.





SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D, Well at least he got the White Lightning :)


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2011

DI - 22 / 0 0.00% CR - 22 / 0 ).00% Big D. - 22 / 0 0.00%