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One of our favorite spots for later in the year...Crowley Lake in Mammoth California 


There were some biggies caught, think they fooled everyone and put them in Chris' Pond

2007 - 2008 Season

Coming off a $550 market Value Year, The Opener was a good sign.

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Count Total - Cowboy 8 Trt, Big D 2 Trt, DI 0 Trt, Matthew 0 Trt,  Darin 0 Trt, , Tod 0 Trt

Current Poundage - Cowboy 14.50lbs, Big D 3lbs,  DI 0lbs, Matthew 0lbs, Darin 0lbs, Tod 0lbs

It's On

SARL - December 15th

The Day of the Darrell. Well it started off with Darrell getting all kinds of action in the morning. And then things settled down around 7:30 but nothing long enough for anybody to stay in their seats long. Then around 8:45 Darrell's pole gets a big yank. Was he finally going to get the elusive big fish. This fish put up a good fight and by the end of the battle he had brought home a nice 2 lb Trout. The other excitement of the day (and it's even more fun when you have others see it too), was around 9:30 when Cowboy got a hit, a Big hit on one of his poles. This was the weekend of the plant of the 29.75 and 31.25 lb trophy trout. The drag was going, as he started to real the fish in at about 25 feet out it breeched the water and everyone around went Holy $h!t. 4 seconds later, hook, line and sinker GONE.  Dammit.  Was that one of the biggies, sure could have been.

     SARL - December 1st
It was the tail of two skunkolla's. Well it hadn't happened in a while that no one came away empty but on this day it did. Yes there was the usual playful fish but these just weren't swallowing and by 10:00 you could hear a pin drop on Levitz corner. Well you probably could if it wasn't for blabbermouth our neighbor. The highlight of the day was the sinking of the Titanic Umbrella. It was truly hilarious to watch. The winds kicked up and took the umbrella from the people next to us into the water. It didn't sink right away but the way it landed on the water it stayed a float and was picking up speed. One group in a boat had a chance to save the stranded Umbrella, but at 11:15 am the wind pushed it into an Iceberg and it sank. It sank fast.


SARL - November 23rd
Big D. and C.R. took the challenge of the Biggie Release Party. Seems like everyone and their freakin mother had the same idea. For the first time this season C.R. overslept and Big D beat him in line. But from talking to others....Ha Ha..that would not have mattered.
No doubt because of the Holiday and the overnight camping for that evening. Some people were there at midnight and they were 60 cars deep, YES I SAID 60. When I arrived I was in the street. They opened at 5:15 because there were so many people there. So Darrell got the spot..a little North of where we usually were and in the morning we were saying this could be an awesome day. By 7:00 Big D had already caught one and C.R. two. But that's when the day went downhill. Lots of nibbles, a couple takers around 1:00 and 2:00ish and lost. So we packed up and left at 3:15. All in all it was a good day. Nice and relaxing and not at work. .

SARL - November 10th
Big D. and C.R. were supposed to go for the BIG FISH opener but Darrell being sick decided to stay home. Well the big fish do bring out the crowds and rather being 1st or 2nd in line by my usual arrival time I was 7th but still managed to get the spot. SARL is weird this season. Levitz corner was dead, I MEAN DEAD from 6:00 - 10:00. At 10:00 you are starting to think of packing it in, but not today. Caught the first 2.0lbr at 10:05..Ok I'll stay a little longer and started going downtown with my usual long cast pole. 10:30 hat a hit so hard it almost pulled my pole out of my hand as I was putting it in the stand. Needless to say I lost that one as I couldn't get the hook set. I bet that was a big sucker too. 10:45, had a good fight going on and as I got the darn thing within nets range (Looked like a 5 or 6lbr) the line snapped. (Note: If you think your leader has been in battle one to many times, change it.) I was thinking as I reeled it in and it was fighting hard, I hadn't changed this leader out this season.....It is NOW. 11:20 caught a nice little 1.75. 11:35..lost fish number 2. Between 11:35 and 12:00 got some hits but no takers. .

SARL - November 3rd
Solo Run by C.R. - Decided to go and ignore the weather reports that the Santa Ana's would be back, especially after how last weekend was and it was supposed to be hot. 6:15 both poles in the water. It's gotta be around 55 - 58 i'm guessing. 6:30 getting action on both poles. I was thinking, yes, this is going to be a good decision. 7:15 lost first fish. This seemed to be the running gag among the fishermen around me. Especially the guy to my left that every time he tried to set the hook he'd yank so hard I thought he was trying to snatch the fish from the water and hit land in one motion. 8:30 caught a nice 2.55lbr. 9:30 lost the second fish. The bell went up so fast I thought for sure that sucker had swallowed it but NOOOOOO. Lost it half way in. Was dead after that until 11:00. The sun started to burn off the clouds around 8:45 and I thought here comes the heat. Didn't really start heating up until 10:30 which was wierd that the bite started up again at 11:00. 11:10 lost the 3rd fish while trying to be cute and make nice little worm shape bait instead of my usual fish shape. Can't complain, it was a good day.

SARL - October 27

You couldn't have asked for a better day to go fishing. Early morning temps in the high 50's and maybe warmed up to the high 60's by 2:00. Overcast skies with the occasional rain drop and then the Sun peeking out a couple times after 1:00. If you look at the picture on the right, this was from Levitz Corner to La Palma Point. From the people I saw and fish counted there was a total of 21 fish caught. 18 Trout and 3 Tilapia.  If Darrell would have bagged a fish each time his bobber went nuts he easily would have had 10 fish. So his disappointed was he had the action, but no fish. Cowboy Red faired a little better. First fish caught around 9:00 was a nice 3 lbr and the biggest caught among the fishermen on that bank, then just to make us stay a little longer, the second 1.75lbr was caught a little after 1:00. We felt bad for the guy next to us. Everyone on each side of him was catching fish or had some action. He did catch one, about a 2 inch baby on a lure.

All in all a good Opening Day.

Cowboy's Take: Yes I was a sucker and bought the new Nitro Bait. One Chartreuse and one Rainbow. After 3 visits and 12.5 hours not one nibble on the stuff. What I did get hits on was the old Nitro formula, PB Chartreuse, PB Corn with Gravy and our secret bait.

Update 11.23.07 - After 14 hours of using the stuff I finally caught two fish using it, but I have lost 5 because it doesn't dissolve fast enough when the fish swallows it so you can't set the hook because it's not exposed.

SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2008

CR - 100 / 65.25 65.25% Big D. - 80 / 13.50 16.875%