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One of our favorite spots for later in the year...Crowley Lake in Mammoth California ,

The season is winding down for trout in So Cal so we will try to get in at least one more day
Not sure were yet, but then its off to Mammoth in May

Latest Trips

2006 Season Starts at SARL

Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) - November 26th

Well having tried to set up the first event of the crew and with the cooking of Thanksgiving and one going on vacation it wasn't going to happen. But on Sunday AM the bug got Ced and at 4:45 off he went. Got to our usual spot and it was already zooed to the right. Pulled in and set up. Nothing for a few hours. Laid out 3 poles at various distances and bait. The ladies to my right were getting skunked too but the guy to my left which is where Darrell usually is was hooking up. What I did notice is the guy was casting a minimum of 70 feet from shore and using Chartreuse PB. So the ladies and I started casting. At that point got about 3 good nibbles but nothing on the hook. By 12:30 the guy had caught his limit and was packing up. I offered the spot to the ladies as I was going to leave as well (Big Mistake) within 5 minutes the first woman had reeled in a 2lb'r. Oh well next time.

April 2nd

Well Dennis and Matthew continued with their winning ways landing two today and getting at least 4 bites. Darrell and Cedric were held scoreless but Darrell was worse for wear this day as the fish just kept playing with his bait right up until we left. You could see the determination and the frustration on his face. Another great day was had and Dennis out did himself this time with Breakfast Hawaiian Style Brudda. It was Da kine.

March 25th

The Beach Front Condo, this is getting too comfortable

Saturday morning and the gangs all here. The surprise of the day was they opened the ticket office at 5:40. What gives. Never seen that happen before and we weren't complaining.  We'll needless to say Big D is making up for those times he got skunked. Being in "The Spot" he had his first bite on worms (we won't say what kind) by 6:45, Then it was time to have some delicious breakfast made by Dennis. I swear this guy spoils us, but we appreciate it. Plus it's always good for a new recipe or twist on something. Food is done and Dennis gets a bite, the Darrell gets a bite but no fish. Then Dennis' pole takes a good dip but the fish didn't stay on the worm long enough, the Darrell's pole takes a good whip and he lands number two. The fish seemed to be toying with Dennis and his worms while they were chomping on Darrell's. Darrell then lands another around 10:00. It was a good day for Big D.

Darrell's prize for the day

March 18th

Yum Yum, The food was flowing today. Dennis surprised us with Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and all Big D could say was " Why can't McDonalds make something this good".  That hit the spot, Thanks Dennis. Then Ced made some Burgers and Polish Dogs for Lunch. 

The morning was a little slow with others having been there overnight and getting a few nibbles we were wondering how it would be but then Ced called it like the week before, 9:00 ok he said. BAMMM, Darrell got one, then at 10:00 and 10:45 Dennis got some and let his son Matthew wrestle them in. Couple of 2.5 - 3 lb beauties. Then we started theorizing (Dangerous) about a pool cycle and then at 11:00 Dennis hooked up again and Cedric had a one that got away.

Score - Dennis and Matthew 3 Fish, 2 Bites, Darrell 1 fish, 2 Bites and 2 Nibbles, Cedric - 1 Darrell (Shutout) 

  Lizard in Training....well done.

March 12th

Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) - Left - The Master - O B Wan sets his lines in what was hoped to be a good day. The rain no doubt discouraged a lot from showing up but it couldn't have been a better fishing day. Slightly overcast, warmer than expected and some great soup supplied by The Master.  But it was the apprentice Darth C that would have an out of the ordinary day. First landing a 2 pounder that was the height of the day until the Web Site worthy 8.75 lb'er was caught in Darrell's usual spot.

March 5th

Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) - The Day of The D. The term "A Darrell" got some retribution today as Darrell lost his Virgin Hood at SARL. The Angler nabbed his first trout at the Lake. Dubbed the $100.00 fish. Darrell did not want to partake in the spoils and eat his costly trophy. Passing it off on fellow fisherman "The C" who made a nice and tasty dinner that night with the 1.5 pounder. Ced also provided a surprise breakfast for all whipping up some eggs and bacon first thing in the AM. Tod graced us with his presence this day after returning from Ice Fishing in Colorado. Tod did catch a fish today, although not with a hook.

 Darrell and Tod          Darrell, Dennis and Ced      The meeting of the minds, Darrell , Dennis and Tod.



February 23rd

Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) - Thursday - The line didn't move as fast to get in and there were more people there than we had expected. No doubt there for the last of the White Lightning plant. Dennis and Cedric were on hand this time and good times were had. Hooking up first thing in the morning on Dennis fav bait. Nice pounder was caught. Put up a pretty good fight. Not so much as we got Dennis' fish in , the bell rang on Cedric's pole. A pound White Lightning. The funny thing about this day the fish were swimming right in front of us about 10 feet out in 2 feet of water. Next Dennis got a bait and it got away. This is now know as a Darrell. Dennis had 3 more Darrell's by the end of the day and Cedric 3 himself. Ced did land another 1.5 - 2 pound White Lightning later.



Santa Ana Rivers Lake (SARL) - Saturday -In the usual line waiting for it to open. Cranked through the line to our spot. By 12:00PM, 3 nibbles and 1 fish. Darrell had what seem to be a good one and it got away. Dennis came away with the only catch of the day and Cedric was blanked out. Yeah, did they really stock the lake? We were using Chartruse, Rainbow, White and Orange PB, Worms and luck.