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One of our favorite spots for later in the year...Crowley Lake in Mammoth California 


The Lizards have bagged over 115 pounds of Trout this year.

SARL is Done......Getting ready to attack Irvine (OOPS Mammoth)

The KINGS of SARL...DI with a total of 13 and a 8.50lb'r. Cowboy Red with total poundage of 29.75 and a 19.75 lb'r

07 News Letters    Lizards 2006 Adventures

Count Total - DI 20 Trt, Big D 13Trt, Cowboy 12 Trt, Matthew 4, Daro 2 Trt,  Darin 2 Trt, , Tod 0

Current Poundage - DI 38.10lbs, Cowboy 37.75lbs, Big D 22.80lbs,  Matthew 8.5lbs, Daro 4lbs, Darin 4lbs, Tod 0lbs

Santa Ana Rivers Lake was Berry Berry good to the Lizards this year. Except for the occasional skunkola we bagged some great fish, met some good people and had a good time.

CROWLEY - July 6,7,8

The Lizards Killed it on Saturday at Crowley. We had been looking forward to this trip for a while and we were not disappointed. Left, D.I. reeling in one of many perch and Big D in the back hooking up as well. On the Right we have Big D in Troll mode. We all maxed out on Saturday with D.I. getting the biggest, a 3.6 lbr on (we wont say what he used to coerce the fish). Call it coincidence.....I think not. Right before that, Big D gets a 2.9. Then it was on to Moguls for a nice FAT PORTERHOUSE. You can't get any better than that. Even Lizard Darin was there but hitting the June Lakes. We here he did well also.

SARL - April 1st - The Close
Well the Lizards put an end on what looks like the season for SARL. To say we killed that lake just look at the totals above. Nearly $200 in market price Trout. The day started off looking like a scene from JAWS but cleared up nicely
Was good to see Darin join us for the finally and we had Dennis' BBQ Roast Beef Sandwiches and Big D's Chilli. Excellent. Dennis ended up with 0 for the day but he had a couple of fighters. Darrell had the best of the day with 2 2 lb'rs, while Darin caught a nice one and CR got two. Matthew kept busy by grabbing the net whenever someone looked like they had one. Which was a few times. This day was more about the BS than fishing...yeah right. But it was a good day.
SARL - March 18th - BATTLE OF THE BITES If you had to pick a day to get skunked then I guess this would be it. Dennis and Matthew were joined by Dennis' father and brother-in-law (and his son) who I am sure after this has probably not changed his impression much but he will have to agree at least it wasn't boring. It was a biting frenzy but no one could land a fish. Lines were taunt, poles were bent and yet none of those fish would swallow the bait enough to land the hook. Cowboy probably got the closest of all as his fish was at least seen and lost 10 feet from shore. Big D has to have the frustration of the day award as the fish just played with him all day long. Once again we thank Dennis for the excellent Chili Dogs and Darrell for the Dip and Chips. It's looking like IRVINE here we come.
SARL - March 2nd/3rd 
Well as you can see this is an after thought post. The whole purpose of this site is to chronicle our adventures...good or bad. So here goes the bad. These are scenes from Château SARL. DI and CR's attempt at the 24 hour $90, 15 fish limit event. 

Can we say RIP OFF boys and girls.

Well after 40mph winds at 2:00 am, a total of 2 fish, the highlight was the company, the beverages and watching Armageddon. Come on, we are computer guys...There's always a backup plan.
SARL - February 25th - Well this day belonged to Matthew. He bagged three fish with one of them being a nice 3 pound white lightning. Cowboy got one which was enough to put him back on top in the poundage lead and tie Darrell for the count total. After being shutout the last two weeks with his 6lb test, Darrell is going to join us in the 4lb arena. Some of us are going to try night fishing this weekend so we will report back on that.
SARL - February 18th - 4:00 AM and Reds in line for the spot. The morning started out looking like a good day to fish with the first call by Red at 8:00. Bam 7:55 Matthew hooks up on a nice 2 lb'r and we thought we were on our way. Then the Sun started breaking through and it warmed up fast. The fish slowed down and then on a pole that Dennis loaned Chella (first lady to visit), what looked like a monster started pulling line and this thing would not stop. You could see Dennis wanted to jump in on it but he let Chella have some fun. For about 4 minutes worth and then Rut Roh.....A Bizarre Fishing accident. This sucker was pulling so hard it actually unraveled D.I.'s hook knot. And let me tell you he ties some darn good ones. So that was the major disappointment of the day. Although Dennis did seem to be in the spot and he and Matthew hooked up on two more (that got away).  And yes Beef Stroganoff for lunch.....Thanks Dennis.

SARL - February 3rd  Another great day for the Lizards. It was a warm day which made it really comfy but worried us as far as the bite. It was The Day of the "D". Dennis, Darin and Daro. We had some good company that day...meeting Matt, Daro and Sakda. From the pics it looked like they had a good time and come back and join us soon. It was kinda a toss-up as who caught first but when someone hooked every one was watching. Dennis got 2, Daro 2 and Darin 1 (Passed Initiation). The weather is kinda worrying us and we will probably never do another after Fullmoon again. And why is that on the website anyway.  See ya soon....
SARL - January 20th   Well the Lizards welcomed new member Darin today and although Darin had a great time with the guys he had to pay his dues to the Trout Gods.  Zippo, I'm sure Darin will be back when we hit SARL on Sat. Feb 3rd. Dennis was trying hard to get back the poundage lead and from Monday and Today made a 5 lb contribution. As usual we weren't short on food and were quite stuffed when we called it quits around 1:00 (still got the rest of the day ahead). But as Private Lizard first class said. A Bad Day of Fishing is better than a good day at work...Amen Brudda. 
SARL - January 13th

Cowboy Red puts the Hammer down. The day before Dennis was saying that this type of weather could see the Big Fish bite and he was right. The only problem there was only one and it reset the Lizards poundage record which was 8.75 lbs caught by CR in March of '06. Dennis came close this year with the opening bell catch of 8.50 but this beauty caught today was 19.25. Just 6 lbs short of being in the lead for the Alaskan Giveaway Trip. The contest runs till the end of January so you know we will be back.

The weather was crappy all day an only the Hard Core Fishermen were still there by 10:00am. Yes 10:00 am. But The Lizards had the usual setup and had some of Dennis' EXCELLENT Chili a la Chili dogs.  Larger image here

Yes Dennis you are right. That was the funny thing. Our net  wasn't big enough and I have to thank DI for sacrificing his shoes to jump in the water an basically roll the thing on shore... Then getting the net around the tail and dragging it up

SARL - December 17th

The Day that wasn't supposed to be. The weather was supposed to be crappy and usually the water is fouled by the rain but Big D and Cowboy Red decided to go anyway.  

Darrell ended up with 3 substantial bites before 7:00 and then landed his first trout of 2 lbs at 6:59. The start of a good day. Then all of a sudden a Silver Forerunner shows up. D.I. just couldn't stay  away. As he said, better to have a couple hours fishing than sitting at home thinking about it. Well not long after he cast, he's reeling in a beauty that got away 3 feet from the net.  Cowboy was looking to be shut out for a 3rd weekend until about 9:00 he got his first 2lb'er. Dennis had to leave around 10:00 and Big D and Cowboy stayed. The fishing died off and before we realized it was 2:00. We are never here that late and then bam, Cowboy hooks up and then bam Big D gets a nice 3lb'er and as we are netting that one his lines got crossed, as we untangled the lines we notice the other line was going out. He Bagged a 5.5 at the same time. All in all Big D 4 fish, Cowboy 2 and we closed the place.   A Good Day. 


The 2006 - 2007 Season is off and running and Dennis had the first big hit of the season on his "Scouting Trip". I think we'd all like to bag one like this on a Scouting Trip. But seriously, that is one nice looking fish and now puts Lizard regulars Cowboy Red and Big D in catch up mode.

We are still planning on hitting SARL this Sunday, Dec 17th.

So make it if you can.



$20.00 First Trip $20.00 Second Trip Your Bud getting your $60.00 Fish...Priceless


SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2007