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One of our favorite spots Lake Mimi in Mammoth California 


2008 - 2009 Season

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Count Total - DI 3 Trt, Cowboy 1 Trt, Big D 0 Trt, Matthew 0 Trt,  Darin 0 Trt, , Tod 0 Trt

Current Poundage - DI 9lb.3oz, Cowboy 1lb.15oz, Big D 0lbs,  Matthew 0lbs, Darin 0lbs, Tod 0lbs

It's On

SARL March 28th Figuring with the decent plant this might be a good day and maybe the last of the season for us at SARL. Big D decided not to show up and take care of "other" work. Well he missed out on an excellent Corned Beef Sandwich. What he didn't miss out on was the lack of fish being caught. The fish were there, we just weren't catching any. But there was a guy that seemed to have the magic bait and by 11:00 he had 4 fish all above 3 pounds. We called it a day at 11:30, still full from splitting Darrell's part of the sandwich meat. Yum Yum
OTB February 21st Off The Beach - A non fishing outing. The Lizards also like to eat. And we love BBQ and testing places out. We decided to not fight the "I'm not taking your bait fish" at SARL and try a new place. We went to Daves Famous BBQ in Long Beach. A good time had by all and we were pleasantly surprised by the food.
SARL January 17th The shutout continues. Well at least this time we can blame it on the spot. What usally is a good location for us gave us nothing. The guy to our left, just as La Palma point starts was hooking up big time. Even a guy in the "Dead Zone" of Levitz corner was catching fish.
SARL December 19th The Lizards hit SARL on a Friday to try to mix it up a little and break the shutout streak. Nothing doing on this day. After a few nibbles in the morning that made us think it was promising, ZAPPO, NADA, NOTHING

DI, going for pole.

SARL - November 8th

Yes it has been a year already, unbelievable. In line, 1st in row 4, excellent shot to get our spot. Levitz corner here we come. Everyone is setup and in the water by 6:20. 6:30 the fun begins. Fish are jumping out of the water close. The nibbles start and keep us busy for a good hour. But it was the man  in his spot that broke the silence. 7:15 Dennis hooks one and this isn't the fight that the usual SARL fish put up, so we figure it has to be a Tailwalker. After about a 6 minute fight, Dennis gets his first of 3 Tailwalkers. These things put up a good fight. The first two easily over 3 pounds. But the nibbles keep going and it wasn't until Darrell (Big D) landed his A Bluegill. So the mystery of what was keeping us busy was solved. And more Blue's were caught and released. Around 8:45 Cowboy finally lands his almost 2 pound Trout to avoid the skunk. All in all a good day.


SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2009

DI - 22 / 0 0.00% CR - 22 / 0 ).00% Big D. - 22 / 0 0.00%