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One of our favorite spots Lake Mimi in Mammoth California 

Team Skunkola and the SkunkPros

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Come join Team Triple L at SARL.

2010 - 11 Season is Over.

Well it didn't come down to the minow but Dennis made it interesting on the last day.

CONGRATS to BIG D (Darrell) on winning the Trophy on the tie breaker.

The 2009 / 2010 wasn't the greatest for the LLL Crew but on the scouting trip Big D came out swinging for '11.

New Stats for the '11 season

Lizard Fish Nibbles Bites Got Away Pounds Fish $
Big D 12 62 15 10 23.72 142.32
Dennis 12 20 5 4 22.80 136.80
Cowboy 10 37 14 12 19.54 117.24
Nibbles -  Enough play to get you out of your seat    
Bites - You had it on the hook for more than 3 seconds  
Got Away - The fish saw the net and said screw this    


The Filet Master Play       DI on a casting mission      Trying to get the tubes back


Triple L on April 4.23.11

Well Dennis was a little skeptical to come for this one last hoorah at SARL. And once he got there and set up it was all Dennis. He had his first fish by 6:15 and looked to be sitting good. The only problem was Big D was watching his grasp on the ABTP Trophy for 2011 slipping away. Darrell could have locked it up without having to go to the tie breaker but lost the winning fish about 5 feet from shore. Thanks again to Dennis for providing the grub. So the coveted ABTP trophy goes to Darrell, winning in a tiebreaker on weight. Both caught 12 fish on the season but it was Darrell with the most weight. Beating Dennis by 14.72 ounces.



Lizards on April 4.16.11

Yeah they just keep sucking ya in. So Cowboy had a thought of just showing up at the lake once he checked out of his hotel from his Saturday engagement. Go Figure, Darrell was thinking of showing up on Sunday as well. So the impromptu showing put us at La Palma point. Which for once, wasn't bad. The drive by's kept us paying attention to our poles and the plan to leave by 11:00 looked like we were going to stick with it as the umbrella was out by 9:30. But it turned out not bad. Cowboy caught a 1.4 pounder and Big D finally got his Moby Dick. He landed a nice 2.1 pound White Lightning. Nice looking fish. But that wasn't what made the day and possibly comedy reel as we weren't sure if this was going to be the last day of the season for us. Earlier he bagged a See Picture >>>>>>



Lizards on March 4.2.11

Well on this day it was Cowboy getting shutout. The action goes to Big D with the most bites and nibbles and 1 fish that got away. Dennis had a better day as he got off the Skunkola with 1 fish caught and 1 that got away.

Lizards on March 3.20.11

The Lizards were back at SARL that Sunday after Cowboy had his shutout and he was looking for some revenge. Having been there the day before and seeing the behavior of the White Lightning's gave us some inside knowledge. 10 minutes after Cowboy casts he hooks up and looses a White Lightning 3 feet from shore.....ugggg. Then comes the long wait. Big D had a couple of bits and some drive bys and Dennis had a couple. Then the weather started to turn and the rain started at 9:00, up went the easy up. Then Cowboy started getting hits on the lure. Caught 1 lost 3 (mechanical failure). Then the wind came and never left. But the day belonged to Chef Dennis. As always if you are gonna get Skunked, do it in style. Breakfast was killer and we were full. Then the Roast Beef Sandwiches for lunch with Au Jus and homemade pepper spread. Again Awesome and we were full (Because we had to eat an extra helping).

Team Triple L at the SARL Tourney March 3.19.11

Cowboy ventured out to SARL to catch their Big Fish Tourney. The weather was good and he was looking forward to a good day. He had to go to the back up plan for the spot he wanted and that should have panned out well. Coin that phrase..."Missed it by that much". Well that's what happened. Someone got to the exact spot he wanted right in front of him so he settled for 6 feet further down and little to no hard action. He had 4 hits but no takers. So it was time for lunch so I asked the couple from Washington to watch my stuff (as I looked at the fish they had that were and wandered over to the Jalisco Taco spread which was included in the entry. There the final disappointment set in because as of 11:40 someone had landed a 16 pounder for the shore category. So at that point all was left was to eat, fish for second (or my own trophy's to take home) and stay for the Raffle. A lot of good stuff was raffled off. All in all a good event.

Lizards on March 3.12.11

This day had a little more action going and kept us going till the early afternoon. The hits came much later with Dennis hooking up around 10:35 and Big D around 10:58 with Cowboy winning the Skunkola for the day.

Lizards on March 3.5.11

Coming off the last weekend at Levitz we had high hopes for this one. But we settle back in to the old Big D won the day with his fish he caught at 7:30 and won out in the nibble category. Just a slow day overall. But we also questioned the plant on this day...hhmmmm.

Lizards on February 2.26.11 (Day of Change)

Well after the last few dead weeks at the new spot Darrell and Cowboy had found in the scouting trip we decided to head back to the old flat lands, Levitz Corner. It was a good Home Coming. Big D got a hook in about everything there from fish to birds. But the action was great that day and Dennis backed it up with some Tacos that had passers by saying "Now that's what I'm Talking about". Not the usual 6:40ish start but by 8:10 it was on and no ones fault but our own for not coming out of there with more fish (first time in a long time we can say The bite was happening all day with Dennis catching the last fish around 1:50 before we decided to leave. Cowboy came away with 2 with a total of 3 fish caught. But that's not what pisses the Triple L crew off that day. We lost a total of 9 fish that day within 2 feet to being scooped with the net. It was a good day.

Lizards on  February 2.19.11

Another day that could have started off well. Big D didn't join us this day so it was just Dennis and Cowboy. This day was about the bites and the nibbles. So you did have some action. Just no fish to show for it.

Lizards on January 1.29.11

Oh this lake (Fish) just likes to tease Well by now we had an expected trend going. Usually between 6:40 and 6:55 someone either gets a good or at least hooks a fish and then you are thinking....Good Day. Well sure enough Big D bite at 6:40...lost the battle. Then he hooks up for one at 6:59 and lands it. Cowboy had his first bite at 6:48 so things were looking good. Well Big D won the day bagging the one fish.

Lizards on January 1.22.11

Well Dennis wins out the day on this Lizard adventure. Big D had 3 good nibbles and 1 bite and Cowboy with the 1 bite to show for the day but it was Dennis getting back in to form with 2 nice looking Trout on the day. And once again our meals were excellent.

Lizards on January 1.15.11

Well they say if you are going to get skunked, do it in style like Team Skunkola and the SkunkPros. But wait, the wind stopped around 11:40 and we could start using our bobbers. Yes I said We tossed out the Lizard finder and saw our track. 11:50 Cowboy hooked up, 12:07 Dennis hooked up and again at 12:35 for Cowboy. So of course that gets you staying longer than we planned and I think we paid for it in the blistering sun.

But the deal of the day was Dennis lunch. We thought the last outing couldn't be beat. WOW were we wrong. Excellent meal dude. Much appreciated.

Well Big D gets the Skunk for today.



Lizards in December 12.31.10

So having another Friday to hit the lake worked out great. Not necessarily for the fish action, but the weather was excellent. And Dennis out did himself with some awesome Red Beans and then later, fried Chicken Wings with an assortment of hot sauces to make your own combination.

Dennis was the first to hit with a 2.5oz Trout at 6:40 AM. Then Darrell caught one around 9:15 and then Dennis got a Silver Cat around 1:30. With enough nibbles to keep us honest throughout the day. At least this time with the Lizard finder we did see the fish. They just weren't in an eating mood.



Lizards in December 12.24.10

Well the idea was to try another day we usually would not have. Christmas Eve fell on a Friday and we had it off from work so to the Lake we went. Morning started off with a few jumpers so we were excited. Then came the rubs. What are you putting on that line He apparently had fish rubbing his line which made it appear he was getting nibbles. But he still is the nibble king with 11 on this day.

Dennis got into the statistic column with a nice 2 pound 4oz'r. We also had the privilege of having some of Dennis special bean recipe in the form of Bean and Cheese burritos (Look out Taco Bell). Very Taste, or should I say Toasty, as the tortilla was grilled as well.

What action we did get seem to come late in the day and the Lizard Finder barely went off all day.


So New Years eve.....hmmmmmmm


Lizards in December 12.11.10

It was good to see Dennis as he joined us this weekend. We wish it could have been a better day for his return. As usual the first nibble action was on Darrell's pole at 6:55 with landing the only fish of the day at 10:40. The shoot yourself in the foot award has to go to Cowboy for losing 3 fish. One which was probably in the 6 - 10lb range by the fight it put up. 1 snapped line, 1 bent hook and 1 not set completely. The nibble action was slow all day with people coming and going all around us. The perfect timing award has to go to the group of 4 that showed up to our left and cast into a school and two of the four hooked up almost as soon as they got there.

Lizards in December 12.04.10

The day started off promising with the first nibble at 6:40 and the first fish caught by 6:49, both by Darrell. Darrell also registered another Got Away as the Tail Walker jumped out of the water and laughed at him as he spit the hook out. Cowboy ended up with 1 fish caught at 7:26. The nibble action continued up until 11:30.

Big D just can't stay away - Vacation Day 11.29.10

This would be a rare occasion as how many times do any of us get to go on a Monday. For one you are thinking, are there any fish left?

Well Big D got his answer with some decent action. Caught 1, Lost 1.

The Lizards on Nov 11.27.10

Well the lake was calling and a last minute...lets do this...came out. Weather was good, no rain, not much wind and the "Got Away" payback for Cowboy after Big D had lost one a couple weeks before. The action was enough to keep you busy with the first major nibble "almost" happened at 6:40. Darrell ended up with 5 Nibbles for the day and 1 fish. Cowboy came out on top this round with 5 nibbles, 1 bite, 2 Fish and 1 Gotaway that pulled hard enough to unravel the hook knot. I hate when that happens.


The Lizards Opener - Nov 11.20.10

Let's just say from the accident on the 91 to rain and the wind and the rain and the wind...oh wait..did I say RAIN.

And I have to say it, Darrell had another one get away. This time within net distance.

It was a day worth missing



The Lizards Scouting Trip - Nov 11.11.10

Not ever having the opportunity to hit SARL on a Thursday, the alleged day after stocking, we couldn't pass up the chance.

Darrell "Big D" Mcarthur would rule the day on the Lizards scouting trip to SARL.

New signs in the front, still $22 bucks and the always skeptical...did they plant the fish. Well that questions was answered.

Either the truck was late or it was the Big Boy plant but we witnessed it first hand. So we waited it out to see if the fish would wake up and eat. And by 10:30, the first fish was caught. This wasn't to say that we weren't busy from 6:30 till then. There was plenty of almosts going on. Maybe another attack of the Blue  Darrell was in "The Spot" as no one else around us was getting a quarter of the play and fish he was.




SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D, Well at least he got the White Lightning :)


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2011

DI - 22 / 0 0.00% CR - 22 / 0 ).00% Big D. - 22 / 0 0.00%