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One of our favorite spots Lake Mimi in Mammoth California 

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Count Total - Big D  3 Trt, DI  Trt, Cowboy Trt,  Matthew  Trt,  Darin  Trt, , Tod  Trt

Current Poundage - Big D 5.5lbs, DI 0lb.0oz, Cowboy 0lb. 0oz, Big D 0lbs,  Matthew 0lbs, Darin 0lbs, Tod 0lbs

The slate has been wiped clean. Dennis won last season with a total of 9 pounds 3 ounces of Trout caught. Who will claim the Lizard this year.

The Lizards didn't fare as well as expected in '08 - 09 and are coming out swinging this season.

It's On

SARL 12/12/09 Well the D Chef  put out the Challenge. Nobody bring food, snacks or anything. The Fish Fry is on. What we catch we eat for lunch. So the incentive to catch a bunch o fish is there so we can eat. :). And not Big D's usual Blue Gill that is the running joke. Sorry  Stay tuned for what happened.
SARL MARCH 2010 As usual, in the mist of a slow season for the Lizards, Dennis was the first to draw blood and keep his streak alive. On top of that, you all missed out on an awesome Dip
SARL 04/17/10 Big D Claims the prize of the SARL Dominator for the season. All in one outing......Unless...there is

Yes we are talking about possibly one more day. Sunday April 25th. Same philosophy...So what happened.

April 16th...Lets go fishing tomorrow. Ced says...I don't feel like getting there at 4:00 to get a spot. Ok, lets get there at 6:30 and see what happens. For years it has been about the spot. Well change is good sometimes and it was as planned. We arrived, found a spot and the spot had Darrell's name on it. 7 Fish, 3 that got away and one for sure we know was a Sturgeon. He almost limited by 9:30. Excellent day.  You Da Man


SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2009

DI - 22 / 0 0.00% CR - 22 / 0 ).00% Big D. - 22 / 0 0.00%