BIG D's 1 - 2 Punch - 12 pounds of Trout
A hap hazard day of meeting turned in to a good day of fishing for the Lizards. We figured the weather would be bad
and the typical crappy water after a heavy rain would make for a bad day but Darrell and Cedric went anyway.  Not long
after we arrived Ced noticed a Silver Forerunner parked behind us. Dennis had showed up. Excellent!!!
Lizard Quote: A couple hours of fishing is better than sitting at home thinking about it.
 Well not long after Dennis made that statement he was reeling in a beauty that snapped the line 3 feet away from the net.
 Dennis had to leave but Darrell and Cedric stayed, we actually closed the place, a first.
 The fishing died down until around 2:00 then Cedric caught another 2lb'r and then Darrell got a 3 and the a 5.5 at the same
  time.   See the full story on the website.
 SARL is supposed to be doing some heavy stocking this week and weekend and as of this release we plan on being there
 Saturday at Levitz Corner.
Cowboy Red