The Lizards are back for 2019/20 and the Draught is Over



Friday January 24th

The fish this season have a schedule for sure. We get there early to get our spot and wait. Everyone is getting their poles in the water in the dark and nothing. Just as the sun starts to crest the mountains in the east we get out of the car and start to setup. Poles in the water in about 7 minutes. First strike usually 10 minutes after that and if it was a good set we have a couple of fish. Then it's the timed circulation. We won't give that away but there is one

The wait before the catch. This picture was taken just before his bobber shot up and the video below. Nice Fish.


Friday January 17th

Another Friday, What can we say. We are on a roll. Best season in a long time so far. Big D is starting to get the name Lunch Catcher.

Without fail for the last two weeks, he catches a fish between 12:15 and 1:00

Friday January 10th

Another perfect Friday at SARL. Big D gets off the schneid with his two fish catch. But he should have had three.

Cowboy also had a good day adding another fish to his total and should have had one more for sure. The fish were hitting on various baits and dust.


Friday the 27th

Well as you can see from the picture we forgot how crowded SARL can get when you have a holiday and a lot of people are off work and a perfect day to fish. By 6:20 you were having a hard time trying to find a spot if you had favorites. I abandoned the search and went for an old spot I hadn't fished in years. Frankly the only spot I could see that had more than a two car gap to the next person. So I headed to Chris' Pond. I had luck there years ago so why not. Well luck was not on my side today. Big D had a few drive by's and I actually (may have) had 4 bits and maybe two fish but for some strange reason I lost hooks on two of the attempts. The line didn't break, just lost the hook....ugg. So at least some action was had but it's one of those days when you are doing the exact thing as the guy next to you and he is catching the fish. The only thing we could figure out was right at the spot we were there was one heckuva under current. Till next time.

First visit 2019

 There has always been controversy about how many fish are actually in the lake. After 2 years of catching nothing we took a break in 2018.  It is one thing to see people next to you or even faraway catching fish to asking and the same answer is said, Nothing. So we get the email for the initial stocking and we decide to go the following week before the Grand Opening. But this year is different. Both of us are unemployed so we decide to go out on Friday, not the usual Saturday.

The weather was perfect. The days before had been warm and we wondered what the condition of the trout would be. Friday rolls around and it is overcast and chilly. It stayed that way until 11:59. The sun came out and it tried to warm up but there were enough clouds in the area that around 1:30 we were in and out of clouds which kept the temp down.

So now for the fish. At 7:30 Cowboy got the first real good nibble. There were a lot of drive by's between then and around 8:45. This had us exited as this was the most action we had in 3 years. we could actually see the fish swimming by so we knew they were there. After figuring out the cycle, bait and distance tactics the fun picked up. Big D had about 4 good pole slappers and two more on the line which he lost, but we were happy. Like I said, best action in three years. Cowboy had 2 good pole grabs and two more on the line which he last as well. Then we made some mods to the hooks and went with some hatchery dust. Cowboy landed 3 when it was said and done with one nice 3 lbder leading the race and Darrell lost two more fish. But we will call this day a win compared to the past years. So the next time we will have  to decide on doing a Saturday or while still unemployed take advantage of the Fridays.


Cowboy 7    Bid D  4

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SARL is enforcing this so be aware and stay within your pole limit.


I'm catching that big fish if my name isn't BIG D, Well at least he got the White Lightning :)


So come out and enjoy a morning of Fun, Fish and Conversation


   The Lake Lounge Lizards - 2020

DI - 22 / 0 0.00% CR - 22 / 0 ).00% Big D. - 22 / 0 0.00%